Monthly Archives: April 2015

Eddie’s Corner: Stink Bug Research

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, April 27, 2015

Stinkbug 2Entomologists at the University of Georgia are constantly passing along information to the people of Georgia about bugs in the state. Now you have an opportunity to give feedback to them to help monitor the movement of the brown marmorated stink bug. The insect loves to stowaway in homes and has the potential to hurt the state’s cotton and blueberry crops.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Check for Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Now

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, April 20, 2015

HemlockNow is the right time to check for HWA on your trees. If you find them, it is also the right time to begin control efforts. The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) is a tiny insect about 1/32 of an inch long that feeds on the sap of our hemlock trees. They have been moving southward down the Appalachian Mountains and have been in our area for over 10 years. Many of you have already treated your trees, but it may be time for a second treatment. Remember, the normal treatment only lasts 5-7 years, so check your trees and your records to see when you last treated your trees.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Visit the Gilmer Farmer’s Market

By  Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, April  16, 2015

Farmer's MarketThe Gilmer County Farmer’s Market celebrated its 12th anniversary this spring when it opened on April 18. The market first opened in the parking lot of the First United Methodist Church and after two years, it moved to the Farm Bureau Insurance parking lot, which it outgrew and then moved to its present location between Watkins Hall and the court house on Broad Street in Ellijay.   Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: What’s Wrong With My Wild Birds?

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, April 1, 2015

CardinalNow that we are nearing warmer sunnier weather, I have to confess that I will miss seeing birds around the feeder in the snow. My wife takes great pictures of the birds, but it is my job to keep the feeder filled so that they will appear. We have had birds all winter without problems, but unfortunately I’m getting reports of a problem that may affect these feathered visitors.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Preplan For Success With Your Fruit

By:  Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, March 28, 2015

Apple TreeNow is the time of year we all dream about.  We envision the fruit blossoms of spring and can picture fresh fruit during the summer.  Proper preplanning in developing a fruit planting plan is critical for success.  It goes a long way towards avoiding many common problems.  If you follow these suggestions, you can have a great crop year after year. Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Mosquito Problems and Control

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, April 13, 2015

Mosquito2015 has provided its share of wet cold weather, but as we move into warmer weather hopefully we can start to do more outside activities. This is good news as it is much more fun to be outside than inside the house, but that also means more contact with mosquitoes. Not only does the mosquito have a painful sting, they can also transmit disease. The disease that has gotten the most press is West Nile virus, but that does not usually occur until later in the year. In addition to transmitting human diseases, the mosquito can also infect pets with heartworm larvae.   Continue reading