Monthly Archives: August 2015

Eddie’s Corner: Exciting New Activities at the Farmers Market

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, August 2015

Farmer's MarketThe Gilmer County Farmer’s Market celebrated its 12th anniversary this spring on Broad Street in Ellijay. Since the beginning, it’s made several changes over the years and this one is no different.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Do you have “Cones” on your Evergreens?

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, August 2105

BagwormsLately I have had a lot of calls from people who have noticed thinning in their needled evergreen shrubs. Upon closer inspection they have seen their trees or shrubs loaded with lots of tiny cone-like objects. These little needle covered bags can become so numerous that an affected evergreen can look like a Christmas tree hung with ornaments. What you are seeing is actually an insect problem and the culprit is the common bagworm.  Continue reading