Monthly Archives: October 2015

Eddie’s Corner: Deer and Car Collisions

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, October 6, 2015

Deer in roadFall is a wonderful time to live in North Georgia. We have fresh local apples, festivals galore, cooler air and landscapes with a beautiful mix of natural colors. Fall is also prime breeding season for white tail deer which means it is also when drivers are more likely to hit deer that run into the road, according to a new study from the University of Georgia that was recently published in the journal of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Are My Apples Ripe?

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, October 3, 2105

ApplesFiguring out the proper harvest time for apples is one of the biggest guessing games many homeowners face this time of year. Harvesting too early will result in immature fruit that are off-flavor, starchy and poorly colored. Apples harvested too late will develop water core and rapidly become flat tasting, mushy or mealy. Improper harvesting will also reduce the storage life of the fruit. Apples will increase in size about two percent per day during the final 10 days on the tree. So to get the most size, leave the fruit on the tree for the longest possible time. Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Fall Cleanup is Important for Disease Control

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, October 1, 2015

debris10Good sanitation in the garden this fall will reduce disease problems next spring. Many disease-causing organisms can survive the winter in diseased plant debris. Reducing or eliminating these potential overwintering sites for pathogenic fungi, bacteria, nematodes and viruses will cut down on the occurrence of disease problems the following season.  Continue reading