Monthly Archives: November 2016

Eddie’s Corner: “Maintain” is the Key for Winter House Plants

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

HouseplantHave the house plants you carried outside last spring and the ones you kept indoors been brilliant much of the summer? Well even with our dry and warm summer that stretched into fall, Thanksgiving is next week so winter is still just around the corner and you can’t expect any lush summer growth to continue. As the holidays approach and with the time change last week, plant’s needs also change in the winter. Being aware of those changed needs can help you keep your plants healthy over the winter. As you start bringing in plants from outside, be sure and inspect them for insects and diseases. Handle any problems on the plants before you get them inside.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Calcitic vs. Dolomitic Limestone

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

LimestoneA few weeks ago I discussed that it’s important to have your soil tested this time of year to insure that the pH will be correct for spring planting; pH is a measure of acidity. The scale ranges from 1-14 with 7 being neutral. Most plants grow best with a slightly acid pH. Generally the soils in this area are actually more acid than plants prefer, so in order to raise the pH, lime must been added to the soil. It takes 3 to 6 months for the lime to affect the pH, so the fall is the best time to apply lime if it is needed.  Continue reading