Monthly Archives: June 2017

Eddie’s Corner: Alien Leaves…Leaf Galls on Trees

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

Leaf Gall 2Several unusual leaf samples have been delivered to the office this spring. At first glance it looks like a possible invasion by a new alien plant or disease, but in reality it’s just a leaf gall, the result of an insect. Most galls develop during the spring and early summer each year. Very unusual shapes and colors of newly formed galls often get someone’s attention if they have never seen one before. The leaves have something that look like bumps or horns or tubes sticking out of them. Even though you may see odd or strange leaf colors as well, they are still productive and will stay on the plant for a long time.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Controlling Snakes in the Landscape

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

SnakeThere are not too many animals in the world that get such an emotional response than finding a snake in the woods or around the house. People have been attracted and repulsed by snakes ever since the dawn of time. Snakes are a part of the landscape, especially in the ridge tops and hollows of North Georgia. Without them we would have greater problems with an overpopulation of rodents and other pests.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Growing Summer Squash

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

Summer squashPests, diseases and the typical hot muggy summers in Georgia make summer squash one of the most challenging vegetables to grow in home gardens. Squash grows better where summer conditions are cooler and drier. Insects like squash vine borers and squash bugs often dine on summer squash. To get more information, I contacted Dr. Elizabeth Little, UGA Extension Plant Pathology Specialist and Bob Westerfield, UGA Extension Horticulturist.  Continue reading