Monthly Archives: February 2018

Eddie’s Corner: Pesticide Safety Month and Apple Producers Meeting

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

PesticidesHundreds of people get sick each year from inappropriate pesticide use. Pesticides are used in homes, workplaces, apartments, farms and other places where humans need to control pests such as weeds, insects, fungi, rodents and even viruses. Of the 11 states participating in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) pesticide safety program, workers reported 853 serious injuries from pesticides in 2011. During National Pesticide Safety Education Month this February, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension personnel are urging homeowners, and all Georgians, to learn more about the safe use, storage and disposal of pesticides.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: It’s Time to Look at Seed Catalogs!

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

Seed CatalogWhen it comes to vegetable gardening it seems like most folks I have met fall into one of three categories. The first group is made up of heirloom seed growers. They have a Mason jar full of seed that has been passed down in their family for generations and they are not about to grow anything else. Then there are the “tried and true” gardeners who only grow the same common varieties that everyone else grows. The third group is made up of folks that love to try strange and unusual new plants in the garden. Which one of these groups has the best philosophy? Well I like all of them. After all, NASCAR wouldn’t be much fun if everyone drove a Chevy and ice cream wouldn’t be as much fun if you could only get vanilla! Regardless of which flavor of gardening you like, one thing is true. It’s time to get out those seed catalogs and get those orders in the mail.  Continue reading