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Eddie’s Corner: Termites?

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

TermitesDid you know that spring is a very important time of year for homeowners and pest control professionals where termites are concerned? If winged reproductive termites are seen, that’s an indication there’s a colony close by. Swarming is a springtime phenomenon triggered by warm weather and moisture, often after an early morning shower. These normally wingless insects expand their territory when the male and female reproductive termites leave an established colony and take wobbly flight for a few hundred feet, drop to the ground and search for a new home. They’re looking for moist wood. They won’t attack a living tree unless it has rotting or dead parts. And unless they encounter some natural or chemical barrier, these insects will move in on all that lumber which is dead wood. However, just because you see large blackish insects inside your home, with or without wings, does not mean that you have termites. It is a good idea to identify them so you can choose the proper control measures. Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Deer and Home Landscapes

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

DeerMany of us are getting the urge to get in the yard and plant. Now is a good time to plant, but there are a lot considerations when trying to decide what to plant. This article is devoted to choosing plants that deer may not go to as their first choice.

Deer like nutrition-rich plants, especially in spring and summer when does are pregnant or nursing, when young deer are growing and when bucks are growing antlers. Fertilized plants, such as those in home landscapes, provide protein, energy-rich carbohydrates, minerals and salts. Deer also get about one-third of their water from the moisture in irrigated plants and young, succulent vegetation on expanding leaves, buds and green stems. Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Are Carpenter Bees Boring Into Your House?

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent

Carpenter BeeWhere did this sawdust come from? Who has been drilling into my wood siding? The culprit is a large bee that resembles a bumblebee and is often flying around porches, decks, and eaves of homes as well as boring into wood. These insects are known as carpenter bees.  Continue reading