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Eddie’s Corner: Stink Bug Research

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, April 27, 2015

Stinkbug 2Entomologists at the University of Georgia are constantly passing along information to the people of Georgia about bugs in the state. Now you have an opportunity to give feedback to them to help monitor the movement of the brown marmorated stink bug. The insect loves to stowaway in homes and has the potential to hurt the state’s cotton and blueberry crops.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Wild Hogs

By  Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, March 1, 2015

Wild-pigDo you remember the movie “Wild Hogs?”  If not, it was a comedy about men having a mid-life crisis.  There is another type of crisis involving wild hogs that is not a comedy at all.  As a matter of fact it costs farmers and landowners millions of dollars each year.  To get a better gauge of just how costly it is, University of Georgia researchers are surveying landowners in Georgia to quantify the economic damage wild or feral swine are causing the state.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Yellow Jackets Can Be Tamed

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, March 2015

Yellow JacketYellow jackets this time of year are a real bother for many who enjoy the outdoors.  They rudely invite themselves to any picnic or backyard activity you may have planned.  Before they get the best of you follow a few precautions and it may end up you and yellow jackets can get along.  Continue reading

Eddie’s Corner: Alien Leaf Galls

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, September 1, 2014

Leaf GallSeveral unusual leaf samples have been delivered to the office this spring. The leaves have horns or tubes sticking out of them. Even though you may see odd or strange leaf colors, they are still productive and will stay on the plant for a long time. At first glance it looks like a possible invasion by a new alien plant or disease, but in reality it’s just an insect.  Continue reading