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UGA Extension logoCounty Extension Agent Eddie Ayers serves Fannin and Gilmer counties. Here is contact information for both extension offices:

Fannin County Extension Coordinator
205 Church Street, Suite 1
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Phone: 706-632-3061
Fax: 706-632-4718

Gilmer Extension Agent
1123 Progress Road, Suite A
Ellijay, GA 30540
Phone: 706-635-4426
Fax: 706-636-4426

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  1. 7/17/15
    I found this site while searching for lawn answers. My son bought a house in Georgia and has a lot of bare spots in is yard (red GA soil). I am from ALA and K-31 grass is the staple grass here. I need to know what grass seed would be easy on the wallet and would grow well in the GA soil and climate. I figure my son is not going to ask anyone or spend much money. I am just tying to help him get his yard fixed up and in good condition. Any help, info or links would be appreciated. Thanks, PRB

    • MasterGardener

      Without knowing the specifics of where your son is located and the exact situation of his lawn, it is difficult to make recommendations. It sounds to me like his soil needs to be amended to provide a better place to grow turfgrass. I recommend two sources of information. The first is a downloadable UGA Extension Service publication called “Turfgrass Fertility: Soil Texture, Organic Matter, Aeration, and pH (C 1058-1)” which can be found at Obviously, the better the soil, the better chance of a good looking lawn. As for grass selection, check out the following website: If you click on the tab marked “turfgrasses” you will find a brief discussion of the difference between between warm season and cool season turfgrasses. Within that section are tabs that lead you to a list of the various turfgrasses used in Georgia and a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of grass.

      I will pass your inquiry on to Eddie Ayers to see if he has any additional recommendations.

  2. I am interested in taking the master gardener course. When will the next one be held?

    • There is a Master Gardener course starting this month. Unfortunately, it is too late to enroll in it. Also unfortunately, a Master Gardener course is not offered on a regular basis in this immediate area. It is a rather prodigious undertaking for a county’s Master Gardener organization. We have been averaging one every two years or so. Master Gardeners in other parts of the state may offer the courses more often.

  3. I am a neophyte herb gardener. Do you have classes with tips on successful container herb gardens.

    Thanks Bon

    • MasterGardener

      Unfortunately we do not have any classes on container herb gardens. Feed Fannin presents free gardening classes but there are no classes on herbs scheduled. Still, you may want to subscribe to Feed Fannin’s Facebook page to be informed of possible future classes. Your best bet is to check out the following publications from the University of Georgia College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences:

      Herbs in Southern Gardens | Publications | UGA Extension
      Apr 14, 2008 … Growing herbs – both annuals and perennials – is simple and rewarding. A wide variety of herbs can grow in most parts of the United States.

      Home Garden Series
      This publication explains everything you need to know about growing a successful home vegetable or herb garden, including location and planning, soil …

      A search for “herb container gardens” on the internet will yield numerous hits like the following:

      Best Herbs for Container Gardens – Better Homes and Gardens

      Six Superb Herbs for Containers | Fine Gardening

      Growing Herbs in Containers – Making Herb and Vegetable …

      Plant an Herb Container Garden – Southern Living › Gardening Ideas › Plant an Herb Container Garden

      One good suggestion is to investigate growing herbs as microgreens. The idea is to sprout herb seeds and use the resulting microgreens when they are a few days old. Microgreen herbs have all the flavor (and often more) of the adult plant, and they are fast to grow and take little space. Again, check out the internet for information. Here are just two of the many sites to get you started:

      The Herb Gardener: How to Grow Herb Microgreens and Other Plants…/…

      Easy and Fresh Micro Greens and Herbs All Year Round – The Grow …

      Hope this is helpful. Good luck.

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