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Eddie’s Corner: What Is That Web In My Trees?

By Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent, September 1, 2014

Fall webwormsAs the days get shorter and shorter, the appearance of webbing in trees around the county becomes more prominent. The webbing is home to a caterpillar called the fall webworm. They use the silk webbing to form protection from predators as it feeds on leaves of over 100 different types of trees. Some of the most common trees we see them infest are cherry, black walnut, mulberry, elm, sweet gum, willow, apple, ash, and oak. It is a native insect that ranges from Canada to Mexico. The sign of fall webworms in a tree are relatively easy to spot. They will create a nest at the end of branches, and as they need more leaves, they expand the size of the nest to meet their needs.  Continue reading